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Selasa, 25 April 2017

The Botak Hills In Penang

Umur saya dah 56 , mungkin ada orang anggap saya dah tua . Mungkin juga ada yang anggap saya ada sedikit sebanyak ada masalah pendengaran.

Tapi apa yang saya ingin nyatakan , saya tetap bukan Buta lah , tiap tiap hari saya ulang alik ke Penang , di Jambatan sahaja sudah nampak Bukit Botak lah. Maka mereka yang ulang alik ke Penang tiap tiap hari pun nampak itu Bukit Botak juga. Halo Tokong, tolong jangan tipu lah .
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Lim Guan Eng says no such thing as Botak Hills in Penang.

Perhaps he thinks that Malaysians are blind or that these are all optical illusions or that the NGOs in Penang are liars.

Last year, HAKAM led by Ambiga had confronted LGE in a series of meetings about the hill-top developments in Penang leading to the numerous "Botak Hills" - which is actually illegal under state law.

But LGE told them as saying that all these developments were approved under the previous BN govt and that the current DAP govt had not approved any such development!

Furthermore, LGE told-off Ambiga's NGO that comments should be based on facts, adding that Ambiga and gang had fallen into "the misinformation trap set up by BN and some media who are anti-government.”

Typical Tai-chi "Siam" blaming BN tactics of the LGE and DAP which we have experienced numerous times before - but this time Ambiga herself kena!

Ambiga's NGO soon found out and obtained proof via numerous official sources that LGE was lying and that all these developments were in fact approved by the Penang DAP state govt between 2008 and 2015.

In fact, the DAP state govt had approved some 55 blocks of high rise development on delicate hill lands!

Which is of course a shocker since it is illegal under their own laws in the first place.

So, is Lim Guan Eng saying that Ambiga is a liar or a BN-crony too?

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