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Ahad, 9 April 2017

All Will Be Reveal , Semua Akan Di Bongkar.

Halo Tokong, how long you want to spin somemore . No honeymoon for you already. All your spin and lies will be reveal piece by piece. Berapa lama you bolih Putar Belit lagi ?. Pembohongan tetap pembohongan. All will be reveal , semua akan di Bongkar.

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Today, Penang CM Lim Guan Eng told activists who wanted to stop the Pulau Jerejak development project,  "Don't bark up the wrong tree,"

He then urged these activities to lobby the Federal Govt-owned UDA Holdings to stop it instead.

"If the developer fulfills the requirements of the local authority, how are we to say no?" CM asked.

Firstly, in November 2016 it was revealed that Penang Govt had sold its 49% stake in the joint-venture project signed by the previous BN Govt to a developer who is friendly to Penang Govt for RM156 million, which generated a profit of RM140.6 million.

So, Penang Govt already jual the tanah recently generating a lot of profits.

Secondly, Penang Govt had also blocked Federal Govt 1MDB's Air Itam project in 2016 claiming that the local councils will not entertain any requests from them.

So it means you cannot stop one federal govt project (coz it has given you much profits already) because you have no power to stop them but can stop another federal govt project because you have the power to stop them?


"Barking" Activists made to look like fools by LGE's spinning.


Credit LSS.
"Pulau Jerejak: Jangan 'menyalak pokok yang salah', kata Lim"

May 2016: Penang blocks 1MDB's Air Itam land deal

Penang gov't to develop Pulau Jerejak into world-class island resort

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