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Sabtu, 1 April 2017

30 Million Just To Kill You, SR What A Joke

Hahahaha paid RM 30 millions to killed someone , this SARAWAK REPORT memang Portal Fitnah gila babi No 1 di Malaysia.

After deleting the gambar edit fitnah of Najib and Rosmah, this is the last story of Sarawak Report.

Who would believe that it cost RM30 million to shoot a person?

And the reason given by Sarawak Report why Pascal Najadi's father  was shot in July 2013 was that his father knew about money being transferred into PM Najib's account and had to be silenced - even though the late Najadi had left the bank more than 20 years ago.

Surprisingly, only someone who left 20 years ago and had no involvement was shot for RM30 million but those others who have actual knowledge including the BNM officials, bank officers, IT staff, bank directors etc were all untouched.

Sarawak Report are unrepentant liars with only one objective:

Badmouth the current govt as much as they can using whatever materials that they can - even though it sounds absolutely ridiculous and illogical.

Credi LSS.

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