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Ahad, 30 April 2017

IMF Prove Lim Guan Eng Just Talk Rubbish

Last Wednesday, the 26th of April, DAP's Lim Guan Eng said publicly that Malaysia's economy is in crisis.

Two days later on Friday 28 April, after exhaustive studies and analysis on our economy, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) released their 2017 report on Malaysia.

In their report, the IMF concluded:

"Despite a challenging global economic environment, the Malaysian economy performed well over the past few years.

While real GDP growth slowed down, Malaysia is still among the fastest growing economies among peers."

IMF Executive Directors commended the resilience of the Malaysian economy, which reflects sound macroeconomic policy responses in the face of significant headwinds and risks.

IMF Directors agreed that the authorities’ medium-term fiscal policy is well anchored on achieving a near-balanced federal budget by 2020.

IMF Directors underscored the central role of macroeconomic policy and exchange rate flexibility in helping the economy adjust to external shocks. In this regard, they welcomed the authorities’ commitment to keeping the exchange rate as the key shock absorber.

Directors underscored that steadfast implementation of the authorities’ ambitious structural reform agenda is key to boosting long-term economic potential."

It was undoubtedly, glowing praise from IMF on Malaysia and the government's policies and handling of our economy and how our policies helped weather the external uncertainties last year.

It is not only the below-market price banglo buyer that keeps saying our economy is in crisis but people like Mahathir, Muhyiddin and Lim Kit Siang say that all that time which has the effect of distorting reality to undermine consumer and investor confidence which directly harms our economy.

These people say that our economy is in crisis and thus Malaysia needs "saving".

But isn't it such a coincidence that "saving Malaysia" also equals voting them into power and fulfilling their greed for power ?

So, who do you want to trust ?

The power hungry bunch or the proper economists of the international body who are the experts in such stuff?

For me, I would trust the below-market price banglo buyer because he is a big consumer of Brylcreem.

Everyone knows that people with slick-hair hair do not lie, right ?

Right ?

Read what IMF officially concludes about Malaysia's economy :

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