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Ahad, 9 April 2017


Saya cuma mahu tanya sahaja. Mana tahu kemudian akan ada lebih banyak dokumen yang akan sampai ke pejabat saya.

DAP Penang and Lim Kit Siang had tried to attack DS Abdul Rahman Dahlan over the Extension of Time issue for a luxury condo project in Kuala Lumpur named Palace Court where the launch price was RM 502,000 to RM 2,060,000 per unit.

Abdul Rahman had defended his decision to ask the housing controller to relook into this extension, one of very few that he has been involved in.

He said that he needed to ensure the best outcome is reached for the developer and the housebuyers and ensure this project which was going to be one year delayed does not become an abandoned housing project which would cause more pain for the housebuyers.

Out of 400 buyers,apparently only 100 buyers complained about the EOT while the rest were happy to receive the units safely even if it was delayed.

According to a an anonymous letter dropped near my office, out of sheer coincidence, one of these happy buyers of the luxury condo project that DAP Penang was attacking is YB Teresa Kok, whose office was visited by MACC recently.

She had agreed not to ask for Liquidated Assessed Damages, compensation for the delay as she stated in her letter that she is happy with safe receipt of the completed unit.

I wonder how many other properties that YB Teresa has?

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