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Ahad, 23 April 2017

Pembangkang Menipu Jualan Kareta Mewah Lebih Meningkat Dari Kareta Biasa.

Ini puak Pakatan tak habis habis bohong. Kini Pembohongan dan Fitnah telah merupakan kerjaya mereka sepenuh masa.

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One of the propaganda spread by Pakatan is that car sales for the higher income group had expanded much faster than for the lower and middle income group - indicating rich are getting richer faster than the poor.

Unfortunately, the actual sales figures for Q1 2017 shows this is not true.

Mercedes and BMW only increased unit sales by 311 and 325 units respectively.

Compare this to Perodua (+3,084 units), Honda (+8,506 units) and Toyota (+6,287 units) for the same time period.

This clearly shows that the lower to middle income group buying power expanding at a greater pace than the high-end group.

if anything, the middle income group is the one that is expanding the fastest.

In fact, Honda cars expanded by 45.30% while Toyota jumped 61.54% - even faster than Proton (stagnant) and Perodua (+6.54%).

These are incredible increases over a one year period for any country.

Yet another lying propaganda by Pakatan debunked.

Credit LSS.

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