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Selasa, 4 April 2017

15 Fakta Mengenai P.Pinang Untuk Saifuddin

Semak Fakta Ekonomi Sebelum Hentam P Pinang, Kata Saifuddin.

Ok. Roger. Aku dah semak. Sekarang saya hentam. Setakat di Pulau Pinang , kalau mahu cari 100 fakta untuk balun Tokong pun sap sap sui sahaja lah.

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Since DAP took over Penang in 2008, these are Penang's achievements and successes:

1. Penang GDP growth has under-performed Malaysa's GDP growtih for the entire period 2008 to 2015

2. Penang is 3rd lowest out of 15 states and territories in GDP per capita growth for the entire period 2008 to 2015

3. Scored 4th lowest out of 16 states and territories in median household income growth since 2009 and Penang people households income has been overtaken by Johor and Malacca.

4. Achieved lowest salary growth out of 16 states and territories. Penang people's median salaries have been overtaken by Johor, Negeri Sembilan and Labuan.

5. Lost first place in investments and never regained top spot. It dropped to 7th in 2012 and 5th in 2015.

6. Since 2013, 13 major MNCs have either closed down their plants or announced they are moving out of Penang.

7. Yearly Penang govt spending has quadrupled from RM200mil to RM800mil per year.

8. Increased water rates 4 times since 2008 and doubled the raw water intake fees.

9. Increased the assessment fees for property owners despite promising not to increase fees.

10. Doubled their ADUN's own salaries and allowances.

11. Doubled their Penang EXCO's own salaries and allowances.

12. The Chief Minister has changed his official car twice.

13. Recorded the first ever case in the history of the world where both the buyer and the seller of a property (without swimming pool) does not know its market value.

14. The first ever sitting CM charged in court for corruption and the first ever civil servant in Malaysia who is not suspended from duties after being charged in court for corruption in Malaysia's history.

15. Only the most stupid state govt does studies worth RM305 mil, get stuck at 87% and then when cannot deliver, will blame a BN project from 18 years ago

Also, despite promising to abolish toll in May 2013 GE13, six months later in November the Penang govt signs agreement to approve a new 30 year toll concession.

Itu pun pasal bola dan raba raba belum mahu cerita lagi. Maybe that is one of the acheivement of DAP .

Credit LSS.

Via Malaysia Outlook

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