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Sabtu, 15 April 2017

LGE With Confidentiality Clauses Escape Goat Answer.

Semua orang lain yang salah , Apa apa pun Lim Guan Eng yang betul sahaja. Kepala Butt sama Tokong.

Lim Guan Eng, what about the other agreements?.... Blame BN too ?

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LGE just said that Penang Gerakan should blame the previous BN govt for inserting confidentiality clauses and that the developers have the right to not reveal the agreements.

He had replied this after 3 recent requests from Gerakan under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) to reveal the agreements for several reclamation projects had been rejected by the Penang Govt citing that there are confidentiality agreements in there.

Overall, Gerakan had made 10 FOI requests to the Penang Govt and all 10 has been rejected giving all sorts of reasons and making a mockery of their FOI act.

These 10 FOI requests include asking for the Penang Govt to reveal the agreements for the Taman Manggis scandal and the Penang Tunnel scandal.

Therefore, based on LGE's answer today, I would like him to answer the following:

1) Show us the letter where the developers had rejected the request to reveal the reclamation agreements. Bear in mind that these developers are Federal Govt-linked companies.

2) What is then the reason not to reveal the Taman Manggis and Penang Tunnel agreements? These agreements are not signed by the previous BN govt but by the current DAP govt. Do these also have confidentiality clauses in there?

3) Pakatan frequently publicly ask the Federal Govt to reveal this or that agreement or commercially-sensitive information.

Will Pakatan Harapan now accept that the Federal Govt can answer that there are confidentiality clauses and hence these agreements or commercially sensitive in nature and hence cannot be revealed?

Thank you for your answers.

Credit LSS.
Gerakan should blame BN for confidentiality clause, retorts Guan Eng

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