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Rabu, 25 Januari 2017

Press Statement: How Can You Demonize A Demon?

For Immediate Release

How Can You Demonize A Demon?

1. It was a lame excuse by the Chairman Of PPBM, Tun Mahathir when he said that the CIA was trying to demonize him by releasing classified reports recently.

2. It was common knowledge that the reports were released because of Freedom of Information Act sanctioned by the President of United States.

3. There were 800,000 reports which counted up to 13 million pages that was released and the report regarding BMF Scandal was just one report consists of 9 pages only.

4. There was no way that the CIA deliberately released those reports just to demonized him.

5. Tun Mahathir had only demonized himself by his recent acts especially when he turned to the most corrupted political party in Malaysia, DAP asking for help.

6. Stop ridiculing yourself and your supporters and please retired from politics forever and ever!

7. How can anyone demonized Tun Mahathir when he  himself is the King of demons.

Huan Cheng Guan
Vice President
Parti Cinta Malaysia

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