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Khamis, 26 Januari 2017

Papers On Guan Eng’s House Left Outside Nepal Consulate

Honorary Nepal Consul-General to Penang, Huan Cheng Guan has handed the nine-page document to the police 

Documents allegedly related to the land sale involving the Penang Chief Minister’s bungalow were left outside the Nepal Consulate in Prai here yesterday, the New Straits Times reported.

Honorary Nepal Consul-General to Penang, Huan Cheng Guan said the nine-page document, which purportedly linked the bungalow’s original owner to Lim Guan Eng, was left outside the compound at about 5pm

“I have handed over these documents to the police and have lodged a police report on the matter.

“I hope the police can investigate the relationship of the link between the companies and individuals involved,” the English daily reported the Parti Cinta Malaysia vice president as saying at a press conference today.

In Parliament yesterday, Barisan Nasional lawmaker Shabudin Yahaya alleged that Lim had purchased a piece of property below-the-market price. He claimed the house was initially valued at RM2.5 million in 2008 and had undergone extensive renovations amounting to “hundreds of thousands of ringgit”, but was sold to Lim for only RM2.8 million later.

Shabudin further alleged the bungalow’s original owner was the same man who owned a company that two plots of land in Penang was sold to. The land was originally earmarked for low-cost housing but was sold a developer so a private dental clinic and hotel could be built on it instead.

Datuk Huan Cheng Guan

Vice President, Parti Cinta Malaysia

March 18, 2016

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