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Khamis, 26 Januari 2017

America, Watch Your Own Backyard ! – Datuk Huan Cheng Guan

Once again, the United States of America is meddling into the affairs of other nations.

Why did the United States of America file 17 lawsuits in the California Central District Court in a single day (20 July 2016) for a series of actions spanning seven years or so (2009 to 2016)?

Does this make sense to anyone?

Lawsuits are long, tedious, and expensive because time, money, and resources are required to bring any case to court.

If at all they had information from the onset, why wait and compile 17 complaints (one of which is related to property in London) to launch a legal wrangle for forfeiture of property?

Yet, instead of trying to unravel the motive behind this outrageous attack on Malaysia, many are lauding this act and questioning the government’s slow action.

The country’s response to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak in the face of this development and responses to Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng in the face of the bungalow issue are in stark contrast.

By the same measure, if people insist Lim Guan Eng is innocent and had been framed and thus should not step down even though he has been charged by Malaysian court.

Why they insisting Najib to step down even though he has not been named or charged by any court?

The mentality that US is stronger and more superior must be discarded.

Malaysians must uphold national pride and demonstrate the zeal to protect our nation’s sovereignty.

It is very senseless if any sane Malaysian lambasts our country and support US action without scrutinizing the series of events or even digging up the real facts in the timeline of events.

The US Department of Justice must answer the following questions.

They owe this to Malaysians, Americans and the rest of the world if they want to have any credibility for their actions.

1.If indeed they had all the information, why did they not alert the Malaysian authorities?

2.Why they take things into their own hands after such a long lapse of time?

3.Why the DoJ keep silent in the light of unverified reports by WSJ, Sarawak Report, New York Times?

4.Why they wait until a new AG i.e. Loretta Lynch took over before they moved into action?

5.Why were there no cooperation and sharing of information with Malaysian authorities even though they have an American embassy in Kuala Lumpur?

Is that for show or only for issuance of visas?

The Americans is using the Big Brother Bully role again by roughshod ways that deliberately could bulldoze Malaysia to the ground.

In the name of justice, why is Loretta Lynch silent to all the allegations about the way she avoided using the net of law to take action against banks and individuals, merely gave them a lame slap on the wrist via a hefty fine which pales in comparison to the billions in american dollars laundered in her own backyard.

What then is the real reason behind this move? Tell us plainly, Madam Loretta Lynch.

Please do not hide behind this veil of forfeiture lawsuits when your credibility deficiency is reflected in your manouvere to allow a certain bank to get away scott-free despite evidence of links with terrorist activities.

Datuk Huan Cheng Guan

Vice President, Parti Cinta Malaysia.

Jul 24, 2016


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