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Khamis, 26 Januari 2017

Lim Kit Siang, The Biggest Hypocrites of Them All

1. The biggest hypocrites of them all regarding BMF Scandal is the godfather of DAP, Lim Kit Siang.

2. He was the one who fought Tun Mahathir's administration back in the 80's both in the parliament and outside regarding the BMF Scandal.

3. He had convinced the voters of 1983 Seremban by-election to make 10 demands regarding the BMF Scandal investigation.

4. He was the one fiercely demand for a royal commission to take into place and investigate the BMF Scandal.

5. He was the one whom have written the infamous book about the BMF Scandal.

6. And now, when everybody starts to talk about BMF Scandal due to recent event, Lim Kit Siang chose to side with Tun Mahathir, the culprit he had accused 34 years ago.

7. This is a godly new level of hypocrisy that anyone in the world could ever achieve.

8. And this is exactly what Lim Kit Siang is all about; he fights only for his political survival and never for the people.

9. For every issues he had ever brought up is only sick and evil manipulations just to gain support and popularity from the people.

10. He is truly the godfather of all hypocrites.

Datuk Huan Cheng Guan

Vice President, Parti Cinta Malaysia

Jan 26, 2016 

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