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Ahad, 28 Mei 2017

YB Howard Lee DAP, Pleading To Go Back 

Since DAP always condemn that Malaysia is so bad and going to bangkrupt. So now Howard Lee can go to England for good.

Via My Facebook :

*Kind, concerned Malaysians make the DAP ADUN dreams come true*

It took DAP Perak ADUN Howard Lee a few years to get 500 people to sign his petition.

But thanks to the compassionate netizens in Malaysia, it took just 2 days to get the remaining 500 to help the YB to finally reach his goal of 1000 signatures that could send him home to his beloved UK.

YB Howard Lee had created this petition to ask 1,000 people to support him to get British immigration to grant him a settlement visa to allow him to return home read: "At Restaurant's petition for chef in visa wrangle"

He even made an emotional video plea to the British immigration

YB Lee first applied for British citizenship in 2002 and has been unsuccessful since.

But this didn't stop YB Lee from contesting in British local council elections in 2010 under the Liberal Democrats party but lost.

YB Lee had admitted contesting in the Norwich elections but he has refused to confirm to the press that he had applied for British citizenship before.

YB Lee can soon join the exalted ranks of his comrade, the ex-Pujut ADUN Dr Ting who managed to get Australian Citizenship while avoiding the disappointment that befell the other DAP ADUN Hannah Yeoh who applied but failed to get Australian Permanent Resident status - forcing her to stay back in Malaysia.

You can still sign the petition and show your love and concern here :

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