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Rabu, 3 Mei 2017

Penang CM Has Gone Mad Blaming The Media

Habis Liao , Ini Cheap Minister sudah gila liao. Blame the Media , Blame the NGO and blame everyone except himself and his father.

You know he is going crazy when he starts blaming everything on 1MDB - including alleging that the press was bought by 1MDB for RM50,000.

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DAP's Lim Guan Eng did not mince his words when asked for his views on the press.

“I have a cool relationship with the press,” said Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

Lim often tells reporters, "this is nothing personal", as his beef is with their management.

Lim has now trained his guns on the Chinese media, saying their hostile relationship with him begun during the 2013 general election.

He has openly criticised three newspapers in Penang for accepting donations from 1Malaysia Welfare Club, a dodgy entity that was run by a friend of Low Taek Jho, the infamous Penang-born billionaire linked with the 1MDB scandal.

This did not stop Lim from questioning the professionalism of the newspapers, asking aloud: “Did the funds come from 1MDB?”

“Our relationship turned sour when I refused to endorse them receiving the money,” he said.

“They used every opportunity to spread false rumours against me and my family. I only sue the press which spreads lies against me.

“When there are lies against a chief minister, it can affect our government,” he added.

He lamented the attitude of the Chinese press, as “disappointing” because they seemed to be unable to distinguish facts from lies.

“If a newspaper publishes fake news, like the Malay and English media, I have no choice but to sue, especially when they don't give us the right of reply,” he said.

Lately, speculation has been rife that he was behind a reporter’s transfer out of Penang, which he strongly denied.

“The two persons in the top leadership of the newspaper are linked to 1MDB, so definitely there is not much relationship with them,” he said.

He foresees that the coming 14th general election will be tough, claiming that media companies that have taken 1MDB money would continue to be hostile to the DAP.

“This is the price we have to pay when we fight 1MDB. We now depend on the social media, and Buletin Mutiara, but it is very challenging.”

Buletin Mutiara is the state government’s biweekly newspaper.

“We need to sharpen up our campaign. So even if we fail and do not succeed, we will go down fighting, go down with our heads held high and stay strong to our principles,” Lim added.

(Oooh.. so Tokong admit that Buletin Mutiara is the same propaganda rubbish like the RBA, huh?)

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