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Isnin, 22 Mei 2017

Pakatan State Spending Higher Than Federal Govt Since 2008

AG Reports prove that Selangor and Penang has increased yearly govt spending at higher rates than Federal Govt since 2008

General elections are near and Pakatan will soon be coming out with statements claiming that they can reduce "wasteful" yearly government spending by reducing corruption and wastage while cutting the civil servants wage bill.

Unfortunately, their track record shows the complete opposite.

In fact, the Auditor General's yearly reports shows both the PKR-held Selangor and DAP-held Penang have both increased their yearly Govt spending (Perbelanjaan Mengurus) at a much higher rate than the Federal Govt during the same period.

In 2007, the year before Pakatan took over Selangor, the state operational spending was RM1.15 billion with salaries at RM169 million.

After taking for 3 years, in the year 2011 the state spending for the year has jumped to 1.453 billion with wage bill at RM266 million.

And by 2015, Selangor state spending has doubled to RM2.134 billion while wages more than doubled to RM362 million.

Penang is even worse.

In 2007, the year before DAP took over, the Penang govt operational spending was  RM252.25 million while wage cost was RM 78.15 million.

By the third year in power, DAP had doubled the state administration spending in 2011 to RM464.57 billion while wages has increased to RM112.65 million.

And in the year 2015, the AG report shows the state spending has now jumped to RM825.88  million - 350% of what it was in 2007.

Penang State govt wages in 2015 also doubled to RM142.85 million.

Worse is that the Penang budget for 2017 is to spend RM1.5 billion in state administration spending - a staggering 500% more than what it was before DAP took over Penang.

You may ask how then did they still earn a surplus if they keep spending money like water?

The answer is to sell state land and assets. Ask Penang and Selangor to list out the land and assets that they have sold since 2008 and you will be shocked.

So, how to trust Pakatan when they claim they will reduce Federal Govt spending and wages when the AUDITED track record shows they have not been able to do it for the states under their control but in fact increased it faster than Federal Govt?

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