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Ahad, 28 Mei 2017

Sendiri Yang Jual Kenapa Mahu Menangis?

Menangis lah sangat. Keluarga dan anak2 sendiri pun bukan suka guna kereta Proton sangat.

Bukan kerajaan yang jual Proton tetapi syarikat milik Syed Mokhtar yag jual Proton.

Via My Facebook :

In 2012, Proton was no longer a government company as it was sold to Mahathir's friend Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar. Mahathir never complained about this sale and instead, he asked govt to sell.

Mahathir, said in a joint interview on Dec. 12 2011 that Proton should be sold to DRB-Hicom -- a company he described as being well-run and having the capacity to turn around Proton without undermining its vendors.

And then Mahathir was made Chairman of Proton in early 2014.

Months later, it was Mahathir and Syed Mokhtar who went together to China to discuss with Geely on a partnership

So, it was Mahathir himself who asked Govt to sell to a private company (DRB Hicom) and it was Mahathir himself who roped in Geely.

And now,when DRB Hicom sells 49.9% stake in Proton to Geely, Mahathir says he cries for Proton and blames Najib for selling Proton?

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