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Rabu, 24 Mei 2017

Show To Public The S&P Agreement Or Face SPRM Report

Dear Lim Guan Eng , the great Chief Minister of Penang. Pursuant to the selling of the Prime Land at Peel Road to Singaporeans. I hearby request your good faith to make know the sale and purchase aggrement to the Public of Penang.

Since the DAP goverment of Penang always said that they advocate Competency , Transparency and Accountability ( CAT ), and if the Sales and Purchase aggrement is not disclose to the Public by 2nd June 2017 , therefore i will personally lodge a report to MACC on this matter.

Thank you.

Via My Facebook :

Lim Guan Eng continues defending his decision not to use open tender to sell state land in Peel Avenue.

Faced with accusations that he had severely underpriced the land based on similar land in the area, he now says it's the Federal Govt's fault and ask people to blame Federal Govt instead,

LGE then disclosed a letter from the JPPH department which said that the 6.4 acres plot, is worth RM156 mil freehold or RM148 mil leasehold.

The plot was eventually sold for RM156 million on a 99 years leasehold basis.

Now, he tries to hide behind the official JPPH valuation.

*FIRSTLY* We all know that the JPPH valuation depends on land-use condition.

Did the Penang Govt convert the land to commercial basis from residential and/or increase development density or plot ratio as part of the sales agreement?

All these increases the valuation of the land and would void the JPPH valuation. Show us the sales agreement and terms.

*SECONDLY* LGE himself had already proven that JPPH valuation can be way below market value.

In 2012 when confronted with accusations that the Penang Govt had sold Bayan Mutiara land below market value, LGE admitted he did not follow JPPH valuation and praised himself for selling land at 2 to 3 times above the JPPH value.

This is what he said then in 2012: (original article was in the now-defunct Malaysian Insider).

"Guan Eng disclosed today valuation documents proving his government sold a 102.6-acre plot of prime land in Bayan Mutiara at over double the market rate. He said the land had been valued at RM84 psf for an 18-acre plot and RM65 psf for an 88-acre plot as of November 2009.

Barely six months later on April 7, 2010, Lim said, the Penang government set its rate for the state-owned land at RM200 psf, well above the valuated price. “When I decided to fix the price at RM200, everyone opposed. They said — you can’t sell it. But I said — let’s try. I prefer to fail trying than not trying at all … luckily we succeeded,”

So, when the you sell land at market value which is way above JPPH valuation, LGE praises himself. But when land is sold below market value, he says to blame the Federal Govt?

Ini macam pun boleh?

*THIRDLY* If you did not sell by open tender then how do you know that other companies will not pay much higher than JPPH valuation for that piece of land?

Should we also blame Federal Govt for you going back on your promise to the voters to do open tenders?

*FOURTHLY* Since you bought your famous bungalow at way below JPPH valuation and you are now defending your latest action using JPPH valuation, does this mean you admit you are guilty of corruption?

'LGE: Blame federal gov't for price of land sold to hospital'

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