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Rabu, 17 Mei 2017

Malaysiakini pun sudah U Turn.

Mkini now says that 1MDB will make huge profits

Mkini's former business editor and co-owner of Kinibiz (which failed and was closed down) just wrote an article with the title "Here’s how gov’t can make RM90b from Bandar Malaysia".

Basically, he is saying that the development of Bandar Malaysia has great prospects and 1MDB will end up making a lot of money - enough money to repay all its debts (which they allege people had songlap) and still have great profits (which they again allege that govt can songlap in future).

For so long, Pakatan and their friendly portals have been saying that govt will go bankrupt because of 1MDB's debts (which is already substantially repaid with the rest taken care of) and that govt has to use GST, use fuel subsidies, use sugar price bla bla bla to bail out and that this debt will be a burden on your next generation and the generation after that.

But now the Pakatan folks are saying that Govt will make huge profits on 1MDB and there is no more debt that will be a burden on your next generation and the generation after that?

Please... make up your mind.

Which is which? You are making your supporters confused.

Govt going bankrupt or not going bankrupt but make huge profits instead?

But at least this article also pointed out that 1MDB had to pay RM2.7 billion to build/upgrade 8 military bases as payment for the Bandar Malaysia land - which completely destroys their previous argument that 1MDB got the land free or super-cheap!

BTW, this article also justifies that 1MDB borrowing to develop their projects will mean that eventually 1MDB will make huge profits and repay their debts - just like how any other business out there does it.


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