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Khamis, 18 Mei 2017

IF Your Name Is Mukriz, 3 Easy Step To Become Multi Millionaire

THREE EASY STEPS TO TURN RM8mil to RM135mil within two months of your father's retirement

You have a problem. Your father will retire soon. So what are you going to do.

Not to worry, here are three easy steps for you to make.,

STEP 1 : Two months before retirement

Make sure you get to list your 50.44% controlled company on the stock exchange. The various authorities in charge of this are under your dad's ministry.

At this point, your 43.4 million shares at par value of 20sen each is currently worth RM8.7 million.

STEP 2 : One month before retirement

On 7th Oct, just 3 weeks before your dad retires on 30th Oct, get the ministry which is directly under your father to issue a letter instructing Telekom Malaysia, which is controlled by the ministry of your dad, to directly negotiate and award a RM214 million project to your company.

With this big award in hand, you will have no problems pricing your IPO shares at 80sen now.

So at this point, your 43.4 million shares at IPO price of 80sen each will now be worth RM34.7 million.

STEP 3 : List your shares and get some friendly GLCs to support a bit.

On 23 Dec - less than 2 months after your dad retired, your shares finally starts trading on the stock exchange. With the support of GLC funds such as KWSP which is also under your father's ministry and which will soon become your 5th biggest shareholder post listing and the big RM214 million award in hand, your shares would fly.

The share price will jump from 80 sen to RM3.12 on the first day of listing.

At this final step, your 43.4 million shares at current share price IPO price of 80sen each will now be worth RM135.2 million.

And there you have it!

Your RM8.7 million have now jumped 15,540% in value to become RM135.2 million within a matter of a few months.

With a little daddikasi and hard-work, anyone can do this  -especially if your name is Mukhriz,

To hedge your bets, you will also need to be substantial shareholders in other listed companies such as Ajiya Bhd and Reliance Pacific Bhd.

In future, if you do have a need to do all these stuff again and the present govt is not making it easy for you then you will need your dad to create a new political party, make you deputy president and then campaign vigorously for you so that good times can come again.

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