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Khamis, 18 Mei 2017

What Pakatan Doesn't Show About SRC

How Rafizi lies by omitting key information

Rafizi keeps on giving the impression that SRC has lost a lot of money to Najib by saying these funds have been siphoned away by Putrajaya Perdana.

He does this by using a limited set of transactions that he says he got from a SPRM insider blog post which ends on 12 Dec 2014 - where RM170 million is paid from SRC to Putrajaya Perdana but RM140 million was paid back - hence the balance has been "songlap" and paid to various politicians, NGOs and media organizations.

(BTW.. if Najib took the money and then spent it all on politicians, NGOs and media organzations as Rafizi alleged then how is he a perompak? He is Robin Hood who stole from the rich and give to the politicians, NGOs and media organizations instead of keeping the money to spend on himself instead?)

However, it is strange why Rafizi doesn't go any further as a quick check on his SPRM insider blog post also shows one further transaction less than a month later on 7th Jan 2015 which shows a further RM30 million paid back to SRC by a subsidiary of Putrajaya Perdana?

This means that all RM170 million has been returned - hence no money missing from SRC to Putrajaya Perdana - based on the EXACT SAME source that Rafizi is using to make all these allegations.

Can someone ask Rafizi why he "forgot" to mention about this 7th Jan 2015 transaction?

I am not sure about the validity of his SPRMInsider documents but I find it really strange that Rafizi picks some information from there while omitting other information.

Can someone also ask Rafizi if he really thinks that the only source of revenue from the multi-billion business Putrajaya Perdana is only from SRC or that the then profitable privately owned Putrajaya Perdana is not allowed to make any political contribution or CSR actitivies at all?

It is easy to use a limited set of transactions and omit what you don't want to show to make all sorts of allegations.

This is the style of the Sotong whose self-declared sworn duty is to menghasut rakyat tiap-tiap hari.

Credit LSS.

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