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Jumaat, 12 Mei 2017

Kiri & Kanan Pun Mahu Makan , Mana Boleh.

Since DAP Dr Ting Tiong Chong is also a citizen of Australia , then he should berambus from Malaysia and go back to Australia.

Dia bolih tanding di Australia lah. Mana tahun dia bolih jadi Menteri di Australia. Hehehe.

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The Malaysian Goverment should just revoke his citizenship and let him go back and stay in Australia for good. Malaysia dosent need unpatriotic fellas .

Sarawak assemblyperson Dr Ting Tiong Choon (DAP - Pujut) has been disqualified from his post for taking up Australian citizenship.

Meanwhile, at a press conference aired on Sarawak DAP’s Facebook page, Ting said he had renounced his Australian citizenship after he was recruited by Talent Corporation Malaysia (TalentCorp) to return to Malaysia.

He said the year-long process of renouncing his Australian citizenship was completed just prior to the Sarawak State Election, which fell on May 7 last year. He added that he never lost his Malaysian citizenship.

Hello DAP, why you so stupid?

You just confirmed to the world that you did indeed take up Australian citizenship and breached Malaysia's laws.

Malaysia does not recognize dual citizenship. In fact, those who failed to voluntarily renounce would have their citizenship revoked because Malaysia does not recognise dual citizenship as stipulated under Article 24 (1) of the Federal Constitution.

Malaysians risk losing their citizenship if the authorities are satisfied that foreign citizenship was obtained through registration, naturalisation or voluntarily through other formal arrangements other than by marriage.

“The Federal Government could then order the revocation of the person’s citizenship,”

Under Article 23 (1) of the Federal Constitution, citizens above 21 years of age, and of sound mind, should formally renounce their citizenship when they are about to gain citizenship of another country.

Just go back to Australia since you like it so much until you took citizenship. Don't ever come back.


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