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Khamis, 18 Mei 2017

How Much Land Left ?

Habis , Habis lagi.

Another piece of land gone in Penang.

I hope the #MACC  #SPRM will look into this seriously.

Via My Facebook :

The death of CAT and the sale of more Penang State land and assets - without tender and without public consultation

The Penang Govt has finally confirmed what the NGOs have been alleging regarding the Peel Avenue state land.

It appears that the Penang Govt had already quickly sold off the state land (AKA alienated from the state govt as per press statement- not leased as reported in some media) for RM156 million to a private luxury hospital group which LGE says will boost "medical tourism" for Penang.

The sale of this state land, which some govt-owned colonial bungalows currently sits on, works out to be about RM550 per square feet - as compared to what the NGOs claim to be RM1000 psf for land in that area.

(BTW, RM550psf is way higher than the RM280psf which LGE paid for the land of his luxury Pinhorn Road Banglo)

The reporters were told that this was done without open tender or any tender and that this project was approved without any prior consultation - both of which DAP had promised they will always do for their project.

This will surely anger those Penang NGOs even more.

Obviously, RM156 million will be handy to fund the 5 fold increase of Penang Govt's annual state spending from RM280m to RM1.5 billion this year.

Already, tens of billions of Penang State land and assets has been sold or traded away since DAP took power in 2008.

I think anyone - including Superman Hew - can increasingly sell off state asset to fund an ever exploding annual state spending and then show a surplus, claiming they have "managed" well.

DAP EXCO Chow Kon Yeow had previously admitted that there is not much more state land left - especially on the Island - so you got to wonder how much will be left when DAP finally leaves?

DAP and Penang CM will now have to answer how much land left, why there was no open tender and no public consultation before this luxury hospital expansion project was approved?

They will also have to answer how is this different from the Taman Manggis state land that was also sold in 2010 at prices deemed also to be below market-price to also build a "medical center which LGE said will boost medical tourism for Penang but still remains a piece of empty land 7 years later.

Credit LSS.

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