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Jumaat, 31 Mac 2017

We Invite The Two Botak To Examine Penang

Ini dua Botak punya Ahli Parlimen agak bila mahu datang Pulau Pinang untuk periksa itu Kajian Terowong yang belum siap sejak 3 tahun yang lepas.

Kata sendiri Ahli Parlimen , tapi memang standard longkang.

Did you know the "studies and reports" for highways in Penang cost RM10.1 million per km or RM1.01 million for each 100 meters.

Those were the official numbers given by Penang EXCO Lim Hock Seng.

The two DAP MPs - Lim Lip Eng and Ong Kian Ming actually visited the speakers house to look at the completed road to find out why it cost RM1.4 million to build (not study ) 100m of roads including drainage work, a security post, electronic fencing, security system, street lights as well as related works.

Perhaps, they can then go to Penang next to examine why it costs RM1.01 million to study (not build) 100 meters of road and why the studies never seem to get completed or can be revealed to public?

Sometimes I wonder why the government is paying RM52,000 per month (tax-free) salary and allowances for these two persons or RM3.12 million over 5 years.

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