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Isnin, 13 Mac 2017

Huan Cheng Guan Slams Teresa Kok For 'Gatecrashing' Malay Wedding.

It is shameful and disrespectful for Seputeh member of parliament Teresa Kok accused of ‘gatecrashing’ a Malay wedding in her constituency by holding a press conference protesting a proposed high-rise and high-density development near the project’s site, Parti Cinta Malaysia veep Huan Cheng Guan said.

The DAP MP should have used her constituency office instead to hold the press conference which is only 1km away from the hall, suggested Huan.

“Why Teresa wants to ‘gatecrash’ a wedding that is taking place.

“Is she portraying to be concerned with public’s problems,” asked Huan.

Huan also wonders since she became MP, “What are the drastic developments brought by Teresa in her constituency?”

Teresa should not take ‘free’ salary as an MP as she hasn’t brought much development for her constituency, claims Huan.

Huan also asked whether senior political mentor Lim Kit Siang has taught her to behave with the public in such manner.

“Is she trying to cause racial tension which happened in Kampung Medan in 2001?”

Huan also schooled Teresa, politics is only an idealogy and it’s not a license to create racial disharmony.

If she can’t serve the public, then at least learn to be a good Malaysian citizen, added Huan.

Meanwhile, it was reported that Teresa claimed the situation turned unruly only after Umno members entered the scene and disrupted her press conference.

It included a 2:33-minute video showing several people complaining that Teresa was disrespecting the local community by deliberately holding her press conference at the same time to gain publicity.

The press conference was held to protest against Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Mansor for allegedly selling public land set for public facility to build a high-density condominium.

A police report has been lodged against Teresa and her supporters for allegedly disturbing the wedding.

Via Malaysian Outlook

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