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Ahad, 5 Mac 2017

Macai ProTun, DAP RBA & PKR Macai : Baca & Fahami!

Macai ProTun , DAP RBA , PKR Macai , buka mata sebesar besar nya dan baca kenyataan ini.

Jangan dok Putar Belit tiap tiap hari. Fact is Fact. Jangan tiap tiap hari makan dedak dan fitnah sini sana dan cakap bohong.

Ini macam punya business , President Negara Cina , Presiden America Donald Trump dan Raja Salman dari Arab pun lari kuat kuat lo. Tak habis Rugi Rugi Rugi Rugi...


Proton bought Lotus Cars in 1996 for RM280 million,

Since then, it has lost money every single year for the past 20 years - either tens of millions or hundreds of millions ringgit every year.

The losses got worse and even almost reached RM1 billion in 2013 and hundreds of millions for the next 3 years right up to 2016.

In fact, Lotus has never been profitable for 68 years.

In early 2015, Proton said they will break even or make profit on Lotus for that year. Ended up they lost RM215 million for that year.

In 2016, Proton said they will break even or make profit on Lotus for that year. Ended up they lost RM225 million for 2016.

Is this the way to do business?

But some Mahathir and PakaTun loyalists still want to defend Lotus and said Proton should keep it - because of "national pride".

Don't be stupid lah.. if it is about national pride, the British wouldn't have happily sold it to other suckers in the first place!

How many more decades or billions of losses do you want Malaysian money to be used to cover production plants in the UK or UK employees?

And now that Proton has been losing money every year for close to a decade now, you still protest the current owner plans to allow a bigger car company to take a strategic stake to give Proton a chance at success and not end up like Lotus?



2017: but still lose

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