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Jumaat, 31 Mac 2017

Bila You Kena This is Drama, Bila Orang Lain itu wajar

Bila you orang kena , you kata Drama , tapi bila lain orang kena , you kata itu patut. Itulah standard Longkang DAP.

Bila lain orang kena cekup , you orang senyum besar dan kutuk kuat kuat . Bila sendiri sudah kena cekup, kata pulak itu Akta tak bolih pakai. Itu lah standard DAPigs

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Press Statement by Teresa Kok, MP for Seputeh

On 31st March 2017 at Kuala Lumpur

MACC investigation to the disbursement of SMUE fund is the dirty tactic of BN prior to GE14

Today MACC officers came to my service centre asking for SMUE (Skim Mesra Usia Emas) documents. Thanks to Jamal Yunus for his report to MACC earlier, so MACC officers have to act on his report and carry out investigation.

SMUE is a welfare scheme for the bereavement of the Selangorian families by the Selangor state government. My Seputeh service centre has been carrying out the disbursement of the bereavement of  RM2,500 to the deceased’s families in my constituency since 2009.

According to the news report, Jamal accused me of withdrawing RM2 million from the SMUE bank account. What a nonsensical joke!! Does he think Selangor government officers are so stupid to allow me to do that?

I have nothing to fear on Jamal’s accusation for my office has indeed adhered to the procedures in accord to the stipulated regulations.

The false accusation by Jamal Yunus is no doubt the dirty tactic to try to defame my fellow colleagues and I  prior to the coming GE14.

My lawyer Sankara Nair has issued Letter of Demand to Jamal Yunus two weeks ago and no reply has been received from him as yet.

So, Jamal Yunus, I shall see you in court!!  

Teresa Kok

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