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Sabtu, 25 Mac 2017

Malaysia Is A CREDITOR Nation.

Tony Pua dan Rafizi termasuk itu Old Snake Apek Racist  dan Tokong bukan bolih faham apa yang disebut dibawah.

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Malaysia's Net International Investment position (NIIP) at the end of December 2016 recorded a net assets position of RM81.2 billion compared to RM26.5 billion in the third quarter of 2016 (3Q16)

The difference between a country's external financial assets (how much we own other countries assets) and liabilities (how much other country own in us) is NIIP.

A country's external debt includes both its government debt and private debt, and similarly its public and privately held (by its legal residents) external assets are also taken into account when calculating its NIIP.

A positive NIIP value indicates a nation is a creditor nation, while a negative value indicates it is a debtor nation.

As at end of 2016, Malaysia has total external Assets of RM1.735 trillion. This means we own RM1.735 billion of assets in other countries.

On the other hand, Malaysia has total external Liabilities of RM1.653 trillion - which includes our Gross External Debt of RM908.7 billion (a figure that is being used by Pakatan to mislead and scare Malaysians.

This means our Net International Investment Position is POSITIVE RM81.22 billion.

Since it is a positive NIIP, Malaysia is a CREDITOR nation - not Debtor.

Having an increasing External Debt is not necessarily a bad thing, It also signifies that there are more international investment in Malaysia and that our Financial Services Industry is gaining ground as a regional hub.

For example, according to Singapore Govt's official statistics, Singapore's Gross external debt as of end Feb 2017 is SGD1.744 trillion - that is about RM5.5 trillion - or RM5,500 billion.

Hong Kong's reported Gross External Debt as at end 2016 is HK$10.313 trillion or RM5.87 trillion.

Read here to understand why a high Gross External Debt is good:

Credit to LSS.

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