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Khamis, 30 Mac 2017

Uncle Lim This Is Politics Dont You Remember ?

Uncle Lim Kit Siang has been whining about a super-secret "high level committee" from BN that is out to demonize and say bad things about DAP and him.

Via My Facebook :

He has been complaining about this for the past 2 or 3 months via his many daily statements.

Today, he did it again and wrote:

"Pieces falling into place – there is a high-powered and well-orchestrated campaign to break Pakatan Harapan by demonizing DAP and me, hoping at least to break my spirit and force my retirement from politics."

"The high-powered well-orchestrated campaign by UMNO/BN leaders to demonise and destroy me by breaking my spirit will have the effect of hardening my resolve NOT to succumb to such “dirty politics” of hate, fear and intimidation."

Hello, Uncle Lim,

Firstly, this is politics!.

You and your DAP people have been demonizing UMNO, MCA, MIC and all other component parties for decades hoping to break BN.

Now people do the same to you and your party and you complain endlessly for months?

What is wrong with you? Do you see Najib issues dozens of statements whining how you and DAP always demonizes and attack Najib and his wife?

What do you want BN to do? Praise you and kiss you?

Secondly, it was YOU who said you are thinking about retirement at Gelang Patah two days ago. Now you say other people want to force you to retire?

Haiyo. Everything you say lah. Like this you win already.


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