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Jumaat, 24 Mac 2017

Classic ! But LGE Not Smart Enough

Abdul Rahman Dahlan just launched a tweet defence/attack against Lim Guan Eng who had called Dato Rahman as "chicken" when compared to Nazri.

Classic ! But LGE not smart enough to understand the crucial differnce between Rahman-LGE and Nazri-Tun M debates.

Now LGE terkena and have to answer why he keeps delaying his trial instead of taking opportunity to clear his name ASAP.

Via My Facebook

Unlike YAB Lim, Nazri and Dr M not under MACC/Police investigations over debate topics. I can't believe Lim not udstd crucial difference.

Our planned debate stopped on advice of PDRM . Events showed dis was right decision. Shortly later, Lim charged w 2 counts of corruption.

Now Lim claims MACC Act is unconstitutional - although used for many yrs. Dozens of others incl ex-Selangor MB convicted under same charge.

Strange that he continues delay his trial with various challenges. Thought he would welcome clearing his name ASAP instead of delay tactics.

LGE forgot I had faced off with Tony Pua, Rafizi, Sivarasah, Mujaheed, Yusmadi, Tian Chua many times publicly & I debated oppo in parlimen!

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