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Ahad, 19 Mac 2017

The RM6.3b Penang Tunnel And 3 Roads Project Was Signed In The Year 2013.

At that time, they said the feasibility studies would be completed in April 2014 and will be unveiled to the public and that construction will be begin in Q1 2015 with the 12km Teluk Bahang-Tanjung Bungah (TB-TB) road completed by end 2017 while the 4,2km Lim Chong Eu bypass will start in Q1 2016 and completed by end 2018.

Then it was announced the construction date will be delayed and "set to take off" only in early 2016.

Since then a big portion of the RM305 million studies , which Penang Govt says is reasonable price - have been paid resulting in the company making big profits as reported by ROC.

Then in Jan 2016 and witnessed by the Penang Chief Minister, RM2.83b of state land, be payment for the 3 roads project, has been sold by the private consortium to another private company.

We were then told that the feasibility studies and detailed designs for the 3 roads were already completed but construction will only start in June 2016 instead of early 2016.

Then in July 2016, we were told it will be further delayed to early 2017 as they are not sure if their road designs can handle dispersal of stormwater properly and further studies have to be made.

Then in Dec 2016, we were told that there would be further delays as they discovered that some of the land needed for the roads are owned by Federal Govt and it is hard to get Fed Govt approval, who may not sell to them.

We were also told that the consortium has been told to identify which land to ask the state govt to buy for the highways and that they are not sure of the cost.

One wonders how come it takes 4 years and hundreds of millions in studies before only realizing they don't own the land? Is the EXCO for land, who is also the Chief Minister so kayu?

And the latest is that the Penang Govt now tells us the construction of the first phase will only start in Mid-2018, which would be conveniently after GE14.

So, what roads were supposed to have been long been completed in by 2017 and 2018 will only start construction possibly in mid 2018 and completed god-knows-when despite hundreds of  millions or ringgit paid by Penang Govt and billion in Penang State land pre-sold for the project.

And we have yet to even talk about the 3rd road and the undersea tunnel part of the project - all of which has widely inconsistent excuses and delays.

This is CAT.

Credit For LSS

Via From My Facebook :

To unveil feasibility studies in April 2014 and construction begins in Q1 2015:

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