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Selasa, 6 Jun 2017

What An Arrogant Insult To The Memory Of Tan Sri Adenan Satem

When it was suggested that Kuching International Airport be renamed in honor of the late and much-loved Tan Sri Adenan Satem, Abdul Aziz Isa, special assistant to Sarawak DAP leader Chong Chieng Jen, sarcastically said that as the state assembly appeared to hold much power,  it could push to rename all major landmarks in Kuching after Adenan.

"Since they have the power to dismiss the Pujut rep Dr Ting (Tiong Choon), the Sarawak assembly can rename the state Negeri Adenan Satem with the stroke of a pen."

"They should rename Bangunan Sultan Iskandar to Bangunan Adenan Satem. Change Padang Merdeka to Padang Adenan Satem, Jalan Tun Openg to Jalan Adenan Satem and Jambatan Tun Abdul Rahman Ya'akub to Jambatan Adenan Satem.

"Petra Jaya can be renamed Adenan Jaya and the Brooke Dockyard can become Adenan Satem Dockyard. His old school, St Joseph’s can be renamed Adenan's School.

"No, I'm not being sarcastic. I'm just adding suggestions to YB Idris Buang's proposal. He merely wants to change the airport's name to Adenan Satem. Why not go all the way?

 If you remember, Abdul Aziz Isa was also the DAP candidate who defended Superman Hew Kuan Yew saying that voters should use Aziz to skrew his own race.

There is no need for such stupid sarcasm. If you disagree with the suggestion to change the name, just say you do not agree and there is no need to bring in your DAP ADUN who got sacked from the State Assembly for breaking the rules on dual citizenship.

It is your DAP Pujut ex-ADUN who knowingly broke our laws.

Because of Abdul Aziz Isa's arrogance and insult to the memory of Tan Sri Adenan, whom I personally admire, I call on our Home Ministry to step up their investigations on the former DAP Pujut ADUN.

If it is indeed true that he broke the dual-citizenship law then the authorities should just cancel his Malaysian citizenship - even if it makes him stateless.

Where he goes is not my problem. Let DAP's Abdul Aziz Isa take care of him.

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