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Sabtu, 3 Jun 2017

RM19 Billion Increase In PTMP Project Cost?

Tak lama lagi mungkin isteri isteri kamu semua pun Tokong akan jual habis.

Via My Facebook :

*How come no one has questioned a RM19 billion increase in project cost?*

Who can forget Tony Pua making numerous statements saying that the increase in cost of about RM2 billion for KLIA2 is a scandal, songlap and unnecessary despite being told that this was due to an increase of capacity, space as well as automated baggage and aerobridges?

In fact, Tony Pua said we should not expand KLIA2 so much as the capacity will be wasted since KLIA already had so much "excess" capacity.

But just a few years later, the big growths in passenger traffic at KLIA and KLIA2 have proven Tony Pua to be wrong. It was fortunate that the govt did not listen to him then or we would have cramped our tourism growth.

But when the Penang EXCO announced that their PTMP project cost suddenly ballooned by RM19 billion within one year from RM27 billion to RM46 billion due to additional components, no one - not even Tony Pua came out to say that this is unnecessary, songlap or scandal?

Can Penang justify spending RM28,750 per person for every man, woman and baby  using money it does not have but needs to be borrowed for a project that has uncertain payback?

Perhaps Tony should ask them too.

Cost of Penang Transport Master Plan to balloon to RM46b

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