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Ahad, 5 Februari 2017

Which Is Which, They Love Cronies Or Money ?

Every Penangites also love Penang. I wonder how Tokong and his Deputy CM going to Love Penang. Both of them are not born in Penang. 

The sold away most of the land in Penang and yet said they Love Penang. Infact they Love the developers and tycoon more than Anything else. 

They import MP from other state to sit in Penang GLC board , yet opening their bloody mouth saying they love Penang.

They appoint non Penangites like Saifuddin to highly important  position and neglecting the locals , yet they Kau Pek Kau Bo ( In Hokkien means Cry Father Cry Mother ) say they love Penang.

So can you all pls tell me which is which ?. They Love cronies or money or both?

Also not forgetting , what happen to The Tunnel. Where the $$$$$ gone. They love The Tunnel or Penangites ????.

From Datuk Huan Cheng Guan Facebook

5th February 2017

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